Thanx a lot BBC for all those years!

This is the first Oliepeil story ever written in English. You're saying!!?! Yes, the first one ever but why? Last sunday was the last MotoGp race covered by the BBC. The bastards money lovin' chaps from Dorna decided that the MotoGp races next year are only available for pay-tv. That's a bummer! For so many years we loved to watch the BBC broadcast the MotoGp races but that's history now. No more Matt Roberts, no more Azi Farnia, no more Steve Parrish and no more Charlie Cox. It's a bloody shame! After the last race it was Madwoody who was crying like hell. After 5Valve hugged him he sayd: "I'm going to miss it so mutch! And uhhhmmm.... Does anybody knows what Azi is going to do next year?" We think that if Azi hosting the world championship curling next year that Madwoody is going to watch it..... Anyhow, we thank the BBC for great motorsport television, brilliant short clips of the MotoGp riders and great interviews on the grid. Next year we have to pay for the MotoGPay but we're not going to do that! We rather watch it on a crappy Russian website! BBC, you will be missed!

bbc motogp

Oh Azi, if you ever dreaming to have an internet career, mail to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. He will contact you ASAP...... 

Thanx a lot BBC for all those years!


0 #5 m1 21-11-2013 20:15
deutsche dsf motorsport.full screen
+1 #4 Haywood Yablowme 16-11-2013 20:11
Ik kan het hier niet meer mee eens zijn, ook het WSBK krijgt een Dorna behandeling, nog even en dat verdwijnt ook achter het betaal kastje, goed bezig dorna.... :-x
+1 #3 Thruxy 16-11-2013 12:14
+4 #2 ec 16-11-2013 09:59
we zullen het allemaal missen de gp
maar de commercie lees euro's en dollars winnen het voor de normale mens
BBC bedankt voor alle mooie GP's
+3 #1 Rete-prrt 16-11-2013 08:26
Waar "Google vertalen" allemaal niet goed voor is....

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